McDonald’s Builds Agency Of The Future With Flock Associates



Last year McDonald’s USA appointed Flock to help them build a new agency ecosystem; The Agency Of The Future.

Flock worked alongside McDonald’s to define what their consumers would require of the marketing ecosystem in the future. This allowed McDonald’s and Flock to build a blueprint into a detailed and specific Request For Proposal (RFP) that was issued to three leading holding companies.

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The RFP specified the outcomes and outputs required, and set out contractual, remuneration and operational guidelines. All take the “best of the best” approach from a detailed benchmarking of other companies in other sectors.

One of the holding companies could not comply with McDonald’s requests, and left the review. It was fascinating to see how the press reacted to this exclusion, no doubt fuelled by some parties with an “axe to grind”!

The Agency Of The Future was designed to have data at its heart, powering omnichannel, consistent creative that will fuel billions of conversations, and utilises the latest production technologies and approaches. The Agency Of The Future is motivated to deliver creative, brand and business results with an innovative and market-leading remuneration agreement. It is designed to integrate design, advertising, digital, social and retail solutions into a common process delivering seamless customer experiences.

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After a rigorous process involving Chemistry meetings, strategic and creative presentations, “deep dives” on specific topics, and a round of commercial meetings, Omnicom were appointed as winners of the Pitch Of The Year.

The McDonald’s Agency of The Future, architected by Flock Associates, has garnered lots of press attention and we’re proud of our role in designing it.

“Provided McDonald’s chooses the right metrics and sets the right levels of reward it can only win from the deal.”

“Perhaps best of all, the agency’s skin is now very much in the game. Rather than obsessing over billing, creative work or ‘extra-curricular activities’, McDonald’s can now rely upon its trusted agency to exhibit a passion for burger sales like their life depended on it. Because it does.”

“It [also] makes it easier for the holding company to pool resources to create a dedicated unit—a trend as clients look for more cost-efficiency and consistency across traditional and digital advertising.”

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