Top 5 from Festival of Media Global 2018


Flock were lucky enough to attend Festival of Media Global this year in Rome. Flock CEO, Simon Francis, led a panel discussion on finding creativity today, nourishing talent and leveraging new content strategies. Our EMEA MD, Kieron Matthews, chaired a discussion on the ethical change needed in adtech.

Here are the top 5 things that we observed in talking with attendees and watching the talks.

  1. Strive for Change

Whether you are striving for better transparency, ethical ad platforms (iotech) or wanting a new media agency, the industry is in a moment of challenging the norm and trying to better itself.

  1. People

Finding talent, nurturing new skills and ensuring the industry has the right talent is essential in the success of the media industry.

  1. Metrics, metrics, metrics

The industry continues to wrestle with the right metrics, working with clients to agree measurement and attributing it to analytics.

  1. Disruption

The clear parameters of ‘media agency’ and who does what is becoming increasingly blurred. In-housing media, the use of external consultants, direct media owner relationships still continue to challenge the norms of working with the media agency.

  1. Better together

Media and Creative beginning to get back together again after ‘too’ many years apart.  Driven by client requests and media agency survival instincts, this trend looks likely to continue.

Media festivals and events used to be a beauty pageant of media opportunities and success stories, but this year it was clear that working better together and being more transparent, may just be the panacea for the industry.

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