3 New Tools To Check Your “Media Health”


After a bumpy 2020, hand on heart, how healthily would you say your media is functioning right now?

With so many scrambling to find new efficiencies, new ways of working, and even new team structures, do you feel you know the value of your media now?

After listening to our clients’ needs and concerns, we have launched a new range of quality and efficiency assessments of your Media Output, Media Sponsorships & Partnerships, and specific evaluations of your teams’ Media Skills. 

These three new products will help you drive efficiency and value, and make your media future fit, crafted by our team of world-class media experts.

We’d love to talk to you about what we’ve already done in these areas for clients such as FordMcDonald’s, and Nomad Foods.

Please enjoy the brief overview of our tools below and do get in touch to find out more.

Media Output Assessment

Used by clients to understand:

  • how good their media output is now
  • the “actual” vs claimed output
  • and improve the return on their media investments 

We provide specific recommendations for how to build Media effectiveness and efficiency across advertiser and agency media outputs e.g. briefs, strategies, plans, buying, reviews, ROI, tech and data approaches, test and learn. 

Sponsorships & Partnerships Assessment

  • Used by clients to understand:
    • the true value and ROI of a Sponsorship portfolio/ Partnership to a business
    • an assessment of Quantitive KPIs and metrics including contract rights, media value, marketing rights, governance
  • We provide specific recommendations on the ROI of your Sponsorships/Partnerships, and crucially, ensure they are anchored in business and marketing objectives, and align your teams.

Media Skills Assessment

  • Used by clients to understand:
    • the current state of their media teams’ skillsets, the gaps, and the growth opportunities
    • externally inspired benchmarks that match the ambitions of your future business
  • We provide specific recommendations for how to build the capability of your media teams, with the ability to include organisation design.

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