Building A Data Strategy In 7 Sprints

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Florian Voigt

CEOs and CMOs have had ‘data strategy’ on their agenda for a while…

It’s probably fair to say that the landscape constantly changes, as more data became available over the recent years, but also new restrictions like GDPR.

We have seen Agency Ecosystems being changed in some areas to focus more on “science-based agencies”.

Most advertisers probably have some data dashboards in place, but the question is, how the information and data is being used to guide the business to better decision making.

Whilst ‘data strategy’ can often lead to mega IT projects, it’s important to focus on what the Marketing Data Strategy is, and how you can best access and use the data that you have collected.

Many advertisers have not built a Marketing Data Strategy, and don’t know how.

At Flock we’ve worked with many global advertisers on building best-in-class Marketing Data Strategies and have a proven 7 Sprint approach

Please contact Flock if you need advice on building a new Marketing Data Strategy, or if you want to review an existing one to optimise your output.