Flock Customer Experience Forum 2023


The 9th of November marked our final Flock X event of the year, and in true Flock fashion it did not disappoint. Attended by organisations from small start ups, to leading FMCG’s. The event was a buzz with riveting conversation, and people making genuine business connections. Food and drinks were flowing nicely, while the expert panel readied themselves for challenging questions from the chair and host, Simon Francis.

The panel quickly opened up a compelling discussion about how customer experience has and continues to evolve. All agreed how hard it has become to retain customers. Customers are just not as loyal as they may have once been. It doesn’t take much for customer to jump ship – If we can find the same product/service for cheaper elsewhere, then why not? Especially in such a crowded market. This ultimately means brands have to work harder than ever before. However, some brands are focusing so much on the ‘big experiences’ that they end up missing out on the ‘brilliant basics’, for example, if a brand is offering a shiny loyalty programme but has an outdated booking and customer service system, is the loyalty programme going to be enough to retain you as a customer? To make it even more difficult, there are now so many different channels for customers to be vocal about their experiences with a brand – so there really is no more room for error.

The panellists discussed what brands they feel are killing the game in CX right now. They spoke about brands such as Starbucks, for its hybrid digital and in-store experiences, McDonald’s, for its use of technology in the ordering process and Wheely for it’s top tier customer service and slick digital experiences. They also mentioned some brands who are not doing so well in this space. Thinking about the future of CX, we discussed the importance of being agile and adapting to the changes as we become a more digital/data driven era. Of course, we spoke about AI as a disruptor and how the lines will start to blur. Overall, the general consensus was that we need to find the moments that matter and make them into meaningful experiences.

The audience engaged well, and the feedback on the event was that the panellists were fantastic, the atmosphere was perfect, and the insights and takeaways were excellent food for thought.

We will be hosting more events in 2024 and can’t wait to have you join us.

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