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We are delighted to welcome to Flock, Consultants John Partridge and Simon Myers, Media Consultant, Ed Baxendale and US Marketing Assistant, Meg Grubbs. Take a look here at our expert Flock team.

FCK, We’re Sorry: KFC’s stand out apology ad 

To apologise for the UK chicken shortage leading to the temporary closure of 900 KFC stores, KFC launched a creative, tongue in cheek apology advert leading to even greater social engagement with the brand. Read more.

Customer Journey Mapping: The path to loyalty 

Take a look at the top 5 steps to start mapping your customer journey, from finding the spot where yours and your customer’s goals align to visualising your customer journey map. Read more.

Marketing’s Looming Crisis: Why the industry must work harder to attract the next generation

Marketing is increasingly being seen as a less desirable path of employment, with only 3% of students stating they deem marketing to offer the best career opportunities. However, what can marketers do to ensure a consistent pipeline of fresh talent? Read More.

Why the rise of the Chief Data Officer will be short-lived

The Chief Data Officer has been described as a short-term fix for a long-term problem as it is believed that data and marketing should work hand in hand rather than data acting as a replacement for marketing expertise. Read more.

Marketers Face Loss Of Power, Influence As Big Consultants Seek Agency Acquisitions

As share prices drop in some of the biggest advertising groups due agencies falling below investors expectations, large consultancies are becoming increasingly interested in becoming prospective buyers of these groups. Read more

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