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Automotive. This month the state of the Automotive Industry has been at the forefront of our minds. With industry challenges fast approaching, many brands are questioning how they can set themselves up for success. This thinking spans across industries with many brands asking themselves if they have the right marketing ingredients, and if not, what is the recipe for change.

Steering towards Automotive Success in a challenged industry

It looks as if the party in the automotive industry is over. Whilst the last couple of years have seen some strong growth, 2018 seems to have marked a turning point, with automotive sales expected to fall slightly this year.

From our work with 6 of the largest global Car Manufacturers, we have seen the many looming challenges facing the industry. Declining Diesel sales, Brexit, changing consumer behaviour and an economic downturn in China – it will be a tough year!

But what does this mean for Automotive Marketeers? What should Marketeers be considering, Connected Consumer Experiences, New Agency Models? Here are a few questions that you should be asking…

Automotive Checklist – key considerations 

Marketing Week Live

Flock’s MD EMEA, Kieron Matthews, presented last week at Marketing Week Live sharing how to ‘Transform your Marketing in 15 minutes or less’

When looking to transform your marketing, it is valuable to take a step back and question yourself. Are you asking the right questions to solve your problems? What are your marketing ingredients, are they the recipe for success?

Marketing Transformation – The right questions to solve your problems

The Recipe for Change – questioning your marketing ingredients

Next stop in Digital Transformation: CX 2.0

Many brands have already built the foundation for great consumer experiences through establishing the right people, process and technology, but what is next? How can these brands continue to transform? Read More.

Maximising your Technology for Digital Transformation

Building a Customer-Centric Business Model

As brands strive to create a customer-centric business model, many believe the first step is to optimise customer experience, however, should change actually begin from within? Should internal structures be the focus? Read More.

How to restructure your marketing team to become customer-centric

5 Consumer Trends shaping Digital Content

Digital consumption is on the rise and according to Adobe’s Consumer Content Survey, consumers have established strong preferences and expectations. But, what are the trends that brands should consider to meet consumer needs? Read More.

How to adapt to the ever-changing customer

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