The Independence of Data Measurement in Marketing


In America, July 4th has historically been a day to commemorate the Declaration of Independence and a way to create unity amongst the people. We find that in recent years, certain events have somewhat shown to be contradictory to this sentiment and so we understand that the holiday this year will feel and look different. Independence in various forms is important for development, trust, and social proofing. In any case, we hope that celebrations will go ahead in whatever form best suits you.

From a marketing point of view, there are many reasons why independence is necessary and beneficial. Here at Flock, we recognize that independence of data measurement is key to transparency in marketing. We also recognize that Advertisers are requiring increased transparency of agency spend on their behalf due to increased pressure for marketing return on investment. Flock highlights the importance of independence and that is why we pride ourselves on our tools, tailored to our clients and their needs.

Advertisers allocate significant amounts of their budget on agency fees and still end up with inconsistency and poor scoping. Our Flock Agency Scoping Tool provides advertisers with simple, high value tasks that once were inaccurate, labor-intensive chores. This transformation grants advertisers with significant levels of independence and empowerment that comes with knowing you’re getting the highest return on your agency investment.

Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder of WPP plc, once stated, “the referee and player cannot be the same person”. At Flock, we are independent and do not take money from agencies. This adds trust and transparency with our clients because they know our point of view is honest and not being swayed. We are here to implement standards to help maximize your investment, we are the referee.

We hope you take advantage of this well-deserved holiday and celebrate yourself and your peers.

If you would like to know more about our agency scoping, please get in contact to speak with one of our consultants.

– US Flock Team

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