Putting the “human” back into Human Resources


Florian Voigt

Last year, despite (or because of) all the bad news and Covid-related changes, it felt like teams in offices around the world made more of an effort to stay connected. 

It’s only when you don’t have the 5-minute coffee machine chats, the cheeky beers around the corner, the informal chats wherever you choose to have them, that you realise what you are missing.

A Teams or a Zoom call can’t make up for this.

When running a global clients’ ‘new ways of working’ workshop recently, one of the things we focused on was how to best organise and prioritise workload and team allocation – something they called “Resource Management”. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the team realised didn’t feel happy anymore calling it that.

For them it didn’t feel, well, human enough. “Resources” wasn’t caring enough. It felt impersonal, degrading people – their colleagues and friends – to become numbers on an Excel spreadsheet.

Instead, “People Management” and “Talent Management” were some of the alternatives they felt were more “human.

So whilst changing the name of processes or activities that you run doesn’t seem like a big transformational change, don’t underestimate the impact it has on your teams.

Sometimes it’s the little things that actually bring positive change, much-needed motivation, and positivity to your teams and processes.

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