The Growth of Agile Marketing

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Florian Voigt

Agile marketing is a term that is increasingly being used to describe new ways of working in marketing departments and in agencies.

The term is borrowed from agile software development practices, kanban and scrum methodologies.

Agile marketing requires new thinking about marketing skill sets, organisational design, processes, data, technology, and ways of working with agencies. Many are surprised by the extent of change required to deliver a genuinely agile marketing environment.

Proponents of agile marketing say that it offers speed, flexibility, and uses data driven results to drive effectiveness.

Those who are more wary speak of a lack of time for genuine breakthrough innovation, wrong KPIs driving wrong decisions, and brands driven by short term thinking rather than generational term strategy.

Clearly, agile marketing is better suited for some categories and businesses. Those that are driven by performance over short purchase cycles, with clear customer journeys and have great data may benefit more from agile marketing methodologies. Those brands and businesses that make infrequent purchases with complex journeys and with poor or complex accountability may be less suited (although they may benefit from working in short sprints to achieve some marketing goals).

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