The Sustainable Marketer: Flock’s Marketing Sustainability Whitepaper.

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Simon Francis

According to the WFA, whilst 95% of marketers believe that marketing can make a difference in the sustainability journey, there is still a lack of application, with 50% citing their marketing organizations are “about to start” or still “taking first steps”.

We at Flock have created “The Sustainable Marketer”, a Marketing Sustainability Whitepaper to help fill this gap between a desire to do something and action.

“The Sustainable Marketer” offers:

  • A definition for Marketing Sustainability
  • Evidence for why Marketing Sustainability matters
  • Introduces three important frameworks to help marketing organisations build a Marketing Sustainability Strategy
  • Examples, useful resources and case studies from our partners at WARC.

The report is not designed to be all-encompassing or complete, we will update it as we learn through our work with our clients. We are offering the report for free to the Marketing Industry as we at Flock Associates acknowledge our responsibility to our community and the world at large.

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