Together we can make a Change

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Simon Francis

Being a CEO is not just being responsible for managerial decisions; being a CEO makes me the proud father to a work family. We call our company The Marketing Transformation Company. How can we drive change for racial equality in marketing?

Not engaging with current conversation is complying with the systemic problem which curses our society, and this is a problem which is bruising and breaking members of my family. To not use the voice I’ve been given, to ignore my white privilege or even worse, to acknowledge it and not use it as a springboard for conversations surrounding these issues of race would be to abandon my children.

The reason I have decided to write on this issue is that within the world as it is, “white noise” surrounding racism should not be radio silence; it should not be “one post, one Tuesday in June”. We should be using our position and privilege to actively amplify black voices.

At Flock we are going to continue to be a diverse and inclusive employer. We are going to fight to be educators, inspirers and change agents to our clients & agencies. We are going to be thought leaders to trade bodies and journalists.

I have to say, that I normally shy away from public comment on matters of religion or politics, but this is neither! It is basic humanity!

To my black peers, sorry has never held such heavy significance and we at Flock, will work hard to show you it is not white skin against black, but ours against racism. It is important for me as a white person to have conversations that make our stomachs churn because these make us realise just how wide the “equality” gap still is.

As a company, to help educate ourselves further, we have opened a dialogue on the topic and are actively talking and supporting each other. Below are some resources that are helping our conversations. Whilst many of these are tough to swallow, their contents are raw and resourceful but inspire understanding. They may help you too.

5 Books

Good Talk: A Memoir of Conversations- Mira Jacob
White Fragility- Robin DiAngelo
Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race- Reni Eddo-Lodge
I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness- Austin Channing Brown
Between the World and Me- Ta-Nehisi Coates

5 Interviews

Patrisse Khan-Cullors: What is the future of BLM? –
BLM Chicago: How is BLM Chicago changing the world? –
A Conversation With Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza-
Black History is Golden: De-Mystifying Black Lives Matter-
(SHORT DOCUMENTARY)- The Rise of Black Lives Matter VPRO documentary 2016-

5 Songs

Black- Dave
Black Rage- Lauryn Hill
Sandra’s Smile- Blood Orange
White Privilege II- Macklemore, Ryan Lewis
Chains- Usher (feat. Nas and Bibi Bourelly)