Why marketing People & Skills is more important in 2023?


The marketing landscape is forever evolving and changing. Often, brands are playing catch up to get the right capabilities and skills in place.

There’s no denying that we have work to do to close the skill gaps organisations are facing. Currently, the number of skills required for a single job is increasing by 10% year on year (Marketing WeekCareer and Salary Survey 2022’).  The factors that contribute to this range are the adoption of new technologies and more challenging expectations of marketers. The ‘great resignation’ should teach employers that providing basic needs is no longer enough. Employees that have upskilled want to be paid competitively, while others want the opportunity to be their authentic selves at work, so it’s no surprise that only 1 in 4 workers feel connected to their company (PwC ‘Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022’).

More recently, there has been a surge in L&D initiatives driven by individuals themselves (Marketing Week ‘Career and Salary Survey 2022’). However, despite this, brands are still seeing skills gaps across teams, job levels and markets – leaving a huge disconnect between employees and the company. People are investing in themselves and benefitting from it like never before, but, they don’t necessarily feel their businesses are doing the same and the relationship is suffering as a result – making it all the more important to balance the individual needs of a marketer against the needs of a company.

For marketing teams to flourish on an individual and company level, there needs to be a clear understanding of employees’ skills and abilities. This will be supported by accurate information for focused training and development efforts, effective recruitment and development activities and enhanced career and succession planning. This will ultimately lead to increased cultural morale, profitability, productivity, employee retention and all that good stuff.

With that in mind, it’s now more crucial than ever to transform your marketing team to be future-ready. We have many clients that come to us experiencing these challenges and here’s where we can help:

Flock Skills Assessment

We assess marketers using a role-specific marketing skills assessment framework and the Flock Skills Assessment Tool to identify gaps.

Learning and Development

We create learning & development strategies and plans for marketing, including the right technology and learning solutions for media, creativity, production, etc.

Team Culture and Behaviours

We help marketing teams ensure that the marketing department is aligned and clear on their role and purpose. We help specify Marketing and departmental manifestos and align with HR on appraisal and performance management.

Organisation design

We analyse the volume and value of different marketing capabilities and recommend the Future Fit Organisation Design (marketing team structure) that best fits the future needs of the consumer and business.

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