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Hello and welcome to the Flock Skills Assessment Tool Demo page. Here is a quick online demo of the questionnaire and dashboard. Of course if you have any questions or would like a face to face demo, please do not hesitate to contact us on



By understanding what our shortfall in skills was, we were able to shape a program of L&D and Centres of Excellence to bridge the gap.

We knew we had to change our organisational structure but didn't really know where to start. Assessing our skills informed that decision with clear evidence.

We needed to fundamentally change our marketing model but didn't know whether our team had the skills to implement it. After we used the Skills Assessment Tool we were able to identify those who could and those who couldn't. Interestingly, Flock helped us to identify those with the skill that could teach the shortfall in knowledge, so we developed an environment where this could happen.

We have great people, great skills, but we didn't have sight of where we stood in the marketplace. By benchmarking our skills we were able to identify gaps in our skills.


Due to the bespoke nature and adaptability of the tool there are many variables that affect the price. Please look at the following table to understand indicative prices.


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