Cannes Highlights: Creativity 2.0 and Strong Partnerships


In the dynamic realm of marketing, a fresh creativity model has emerged, blending innovative work methods, data-driven insights, creativity, and advanced technology. We call this Creativity 2.0. This powerful fusion is a game-changer, solving consumer and business challenges while fuelling growth. The echoes from Cannes Lions Festival converge towards recognising the opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s explore the key elements of this transformative approach and how it delivers exceptional outcomes.

The Growth Catalyst

Creativity isn’t just eye candy; it’s the key to solving problems and driving business success. If there is one thing that the most efficient leaders discussed as much as the impact of AI this week, it’s creative business solutions, solutions that don’t only add values to the client, but more importantly, to the customer.

Strengthening Partnerships

To unlock creativity’s full potential, robust relationships are essential. Deeply understanding clients’ needs and goals is paramount. Clients need trusted allies who aren’t just focused selling, but think alongside the client of the most relevant solutions that would propel the business forward. “Solve before you sell” as David Droga (the most awarded creative in Cannes history) summarized it. Our agency appraisal scores show that the best partnerships deliver the best performing work and the highest “value for money” scores. Remember, value does not mean cheap. Impact means value.

Flock’s approach to agency appraisals
Building a bold future

Just look at most of the winners and Cannes and you can see behind it was a client with a culture for innovation and an agency with skin in the game. Innovation thrives on pushing boundaries, defying norms, and rewriting the rules. Together, strong partners build a vision and create the energy required to drive the change and then magic ensues. The best partners aren’t afraid to go all-in, demonstrating their commitment to shared success, because they are confident about the impact of their creative solutions. Our remuneration models reward the impact of agencies and are aligned with the shared innovation culture.

Mastering the fundamentals & Embracing Change

To create something new, we must first master the fundamentals. While venturing into uncharted territory, we must retain a keen grasp of marketing principles. With a clear North Star and strong fundamentals, we can feel confident to embrace the new technological opportunities. As an industry, we have a tradition of letting the tail wag the dog and so we must ask ourselves what is the best use of tech that will drive growth, how do we balance the long and the short, and what is the sweet spot between personalization and community building? Are these shiny new toys helping us to move people and build those positive emotions that lead to action and propel growth? We agree with points made by Becky Verano, Erwin Dito, Grainne Wafer and Mark Kirkham during their discussion What Do Marketers Really Want? More than Just ‘Creative Agencies’, led by Laura Swinton of LLB Online that marketers need creative partners that help deliver growth but also help prioritise the opportunities with impact in mind.

Turning words into action

Cannes is a great opportunity for clients and agencies to come together in a celebration of the industry. But we can admit the industry situation is not as rosé as the magnums at Carlton & Gutter bar. So with that in mind, are you excited to go back to work and deliver on the Cannes vision, or are you thinking that your vision could be better served by your existing partners? Whatever, your thinking Flock can help you review your agency partnerships to make sure they are a growth driver: from agency appraisals to agency remuneration models or pitches, we can support you in ensuring you get the best partners with skin in the game at the best value available on the market.

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