Creating an Integrated Campaign: Three Top Tips


Integrated Campaign in 3 Steps

Ten years ago, developing a marketing campaign inevitably involved a TV ad. Nowadays, marketers have a plethora of technology at their disposal and each campaign needs to be adapted to suit each newly available platform. So how to devise a campaign which exploits the potential of these platforms effectively?

Integrated marketing communication is defined as the ‘application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels’. It requires traditional, digital and social media channels to work alongside each other effectively, strengthening the productivity and message of the campaign.

Our three top tips for an integrated campaign:

1.     Remember Your Target Audience

If you do not know who you are targeting you will not be using the channels as effectively as you could. Make sure you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is so you can focus your campaign through the platforms available and ensure your message is received by the right people.

2.     Keep The Look Consistent

It is important to ensure the same aesthetic is portrayed across all channels to enhance brand consistency, as well as strengthen the brand’s message. Doing this will make the brand more recognisable and the campaign more memorable.

3.      Keep The Team In Sync

Multiple members of a marketing team can work in their own silos, but it is important to keep them all informed and working together. Working as a team will improve efficiency and make sure the company’s brand standards are maintained across the campaign as well as the overall message. Whether the different jobs are spread in house or across agencies, it is advisable to position someone in control to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Here are some examples of campaigns that have managed to successfully integrate multiple channels of media to create effective and successful campaigns.


The world’s favourite fizzy drink struck again with ‘Share a Coke’. Coca-Cola  successfully reached a global audience through a well managed, integrated campaign that embraces social media, good will and word of mouth. The use of named Coke bottles and an emphasis on sharing opened Coke up to large social coverage, with people posting their photos online and interacting with the feel good campaign. Coke have increased customer loyalty and found a unique solution to engaging with the elusive target audience.


Whether it was in store, on your television screens or across social media platforms this clever campaign took the world by storm and created the catchy phrase of ‘Be more dog’. The campaign received 385,000 views on YouTube within the first 48 hours and its online presence has been extended through apps such as virtual Frisbees and ‘dog bombs’, a personalised message telling pessimistic people to be more dog. Like Coca-Cola, O2 have taken advantage of the online technology available to them and have engaged with consumers through a feel good campaign full of humour.

If you want your campaign to be successful thanks to effective integrated marketing, then why not give us a call to see how Flock, the marketing transformation company can help.

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