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We normally write about how to develop great integrated creative ideas, how to produce them, how to get the benefits of seamless executional integration, and how to measure and compare all the marketing channels effectiveness.

This article is different.

This article is purely a joyful celebration of creative ideas where creative integration is THE idea; where clever visual and musical creative integration makes the idea interesting and brilliant.

First up, from the always creatively interesting band OK GO “The writings on the wall”. Just watch this…

How good is that? Almost too good, in that it is so visually arresting the good track pales away in the deep background?

Picking up the integrated creative idea theme, let us see what the Cannes Lions Award Festival has to offer.

Honda won the Cannes Titanium Award Grand Prix for the “Sound of Honda”. Taking telemetry of Ayrton Senna’s 1989 qualifying lap for the Japanese Grand Prix and turning it into something creatively magical.

Or, if you like something more physical try this integrated creative idea this from Megafon, in Russia, to celebrate the Sochi Olympics. This won a Cannes Lion for Creative Innovation.

That was smart too, was it not?

Think about it, could your teams come up with and execute ideas like that? Simply put are they really teams, working brilliantly together? Did you see what happened at the very end of the OK GO video when the whole team came out? Did your teams feel like that at the end of your campaign?

If you would like to see another 90+ video cases of great integration see our Video channel HERE.

And if you want to see how to build great creative integrated ideas like these, well you know where we are.

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