David Bowie and The Magic of Marketing Integration


When an integrated marketing campaign works and is deemed effective, often people rightly talk about the creativity; the magic.

However, it is really clear, and increasingly so in this fragmented media world, that there is another sort of magic being done behind the scenes in making sure that all marketing content appears at the perfect time and perfect place (a concept we explore in our post on propinquity).

Rather than talk about this concept we thought we would share this video of Darren Brown, a British Magician, to explain it better than we ever could. In the video he turns the tables on a British creative team, by carefully integrating messages on their journey to work, he is able to get them to think, and do, what what he wants them to i.e. The point of perfect integration.

If you want to read more about someone who is doing this, now, then check out the magnificent David Bowie Marketing campaign.

Click on the below picture to read a great article from the London Evening Standard about what he is doing, now.

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So Darren Brown and David Bowie have brilliant marketing integration. But, you have to ask who is the real magician? Is it the creative, or the integrator? If you want to know what magic we can add to your business click here and abracadabra!

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