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Welcome to the our February edition of Flockology, where we’re bringing you the hottest stories and must-reads from the past month. If you’d like to chat about these stories further, or share additional insights, please do get in touch

The wait is over – the Big Mac is here

Omnicom has unveiled the identity of its dedicated agency for the McDonald’s U.S. creative business, We Are Unlimited. Launching their first campaign, they’ve put a modern spin on the 50-year-old Big Mac as the world’s largest restaurant chain aims to reinvigorate sales of its iconic sandwich.

Snapchat stories, drones, and robots – what’s next?

Celebrating Flock’s 4th anniversary, we’re looking back at the world when Flock started to see what has changed, and we’re also jumping ahead to 2021 to see what predictions are out there on what new innovations could come into play. Check out our blog for these trends, and give us your thoughts – we’re running a survey, where you can be entered into our raffle to win.

Social Media – what do you need to look out for in 2017?
This month, we attended Hootsuite’s webinar, outlining the trends to pay attention to for the new year. Register for your copy of their Social Media Trends Toolkit here

“We’ve come to our senses”
Last month, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, spoke to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting about the company’s strategy to fight against ad fraud and demand media transparency in the industry. Watch his speech above, and see MarketingWeek’s overview here


The new age of Marketing

The ‘What’ of Marketing has always been difficult, however, there are many well-trained classic marketers and agencies to do that work. What we have been seeing, though, is that the ‘How’ of marketing has become more difficult to achieve. We’re giving tips on how you can tackle the ‘how’ here

Who did it best?
Campaign is looking back at the past year, and breaking down the top ads for engagement of 2016 worldwide. Featuring Deutsche Telekom, IKEA, and O2 – see the list here

The biggest challenge for global holding companies

Flock USA CEO Maarten is back with his weekly MediaPost article. This time, he’s looking into re-aligning agency hubs and if it’s the best decision. See his thoughts here

 Superbowl weekend – you know what that means?
Advertising, of course! We’ve listed a couple of our favourite ads from this years big game…

Budweiser | Born The Hard Way
Budweiser is known for their heartfelt and moving Superbowl advertisements. This year, they’re telling the story of Eberhard Anheiser and Adolphus Busch, and the foundings of one of America’s most well-known beers.

Honda | Yearbook
Honda’s focused on inspiration in their ad this year, taking some of the biggest celebrities high school yearbook photos, and telling us that we should work towards our dreams.


Flock’s summer internship applications are now open
We’re looking for passionate and motivated people who are interested in a 4-6 week work experience at Flock, where you’ll get hands-on experience with Flock’s marketing team, as well as our projects and clients. More information on our internship programme here

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