Flock and the Digital Business Academy


Flock’s Katarina Nielsen and Simon Francis were recently invited to partake in an exciting new online project. The Digital Business Academy is the world’s first government-supported online learning platform that provides business and digital skills to any UK resident.

Content for the Academy was provided by a number of faculties, including the Cambridge Judge Business School, whose courses ‘Make a Marketing Plan’ and ‘Build a Brand’ feature videos of Simon and Kat discussing the role of brand and entrepreneurship.

Flock Associates and the Digital Academy

Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharial Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise inspired the collaboration with Flock and invited Kat and Simon to partake, saying:

‘A lesson when developing the ‘Marketing’ and ‘Build a Brand’ courses for Tech City was the importance of including interviews with actual practitioners as a foil to more standard text-book material. In this regard, it was a particular pleasure to work with Simon Francis and Kat Nielsen of Flock. The Flock story itself provides a very rich example of building a business around a brand (and vice versa). Kat and Simon were so articulate and passionate about various aspects of the brand and new venture building experience. Given that the subject of the course was branding and that the audience was one of budding entrepreneurs, having Kat and Simon talk about Flock was apposite on many levels. I’m sure the budding entrepreneurs of the UK will truly appreciate their contribution and will learn a great deal from the Flock story.’

We are delighted to be involved in such a valuable project. Simon Francis said: ‘Flock is thrilled to support Jaideep and the team on this fantastic initiative which inspires entrepreneurial spirit in the digital age. We wish the project every success for the future.’

To explore the Digital Business Academy and watch the videos, visit the website.

To find out more about Flock’s involvement in the project, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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