Flock Associates is recognised by the Irish Institute of Advertising Practitioners as an accredited Pitch Consultant.


Flock Associates is proud to have been recognised this morning by the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI).

The IAPI along with the AAI makes sure that not everybody can claim to be a Pitch Consultant by setting guidelines and requirement for people to be accredited and recognised as such. As the category of Pitch Consultancy has not been very regulated up to date, advertisers are encouraged by the IAPI and AAI to seek advertising and media pitch consultants that have met the requirement of the process called ‘Finding the Right Agency’ that was set up to benefit both Agencies and Advertisers.

The API describes a pitch consultant as “a person or company who is not a communications agency, but who presents themselves as having a specialist expertise in understanding communication needs and how to select the most suitable communications advisers that a company or client might need.”

At Flock we are delighted to be recognised as an IAPI approved Pitch Consultant, and delighted to be open for business in Ireland. Take a look at IAPI’s pitch consultants list HERE.

We liked this video that was released recently extolling the virtues of Ireland, and it seems appropriate to play it again here, today.


So if you want to talk to an accredited Pitch Consultant please contact us HERE, otherwise feel free to Tweet us at @FlockAssociates if you wish to know more.

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