Flock helps Gore to appoint a new global creative partner with the aim to re-invent GORE-TEX® brand communications.


Earlier this year, W.L. Gore & Associates embarked on a search for a new global creative agency solution. Better known as the company that created the modern performance apparel GORE-TEX® fabrics, Gore took the decision to review the global agency ecosystem of its fabrics division, with the goal of developing a rejuvenated brand strategy that reflects the changing ways consumers are interacting with the brand.

As of this week, an in-depth pitch process has culminated in Gore appointing AKQA as its new global creative agency partner.

Marketing transformation consultancy Flock Associates, referenced as the consulting partner, was the designer and facilitator of the creative pitch process. Dissatisfied with “typical creative pitch” processes, Flock engineered a chemistry and capabilities-oriented process, together with the client. The focus was on procuring an agency partner with world class digital and data capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate digital-first ideas with traditional channel and experiences. The most important element was to have an agency that understood Gore’s DNA.

Simon Francis, CEO of Flock Associates, said: “Gore are an incredible company with incredible brands with innovation at the heart of both. We are proud to have created an innovative agency solution for them, that will keep their marketing ahead of the pack for years to come”

Achim Ewers Zum Rode, Global Brand and Consumer Strategy Leader for the Gore Fabrics Division, said: “Consumer behaviour is changing quickly. In part, that’s due to the new ways that people engage with brands and retailers in our ever-evolving digital landscape. In part, it’s also due to the way that younger consumers think very differently about the brands that they choose. At its core, the GORE-TEX® brand is built on science-based innovation, designed to meet end-users’ needs for specific activities and situations. But we need to ensure that we’re conveying what’s at our core in ways that most effectively align with how consumers interact with brands today. We need to make sure people know the GORE-TEX® brand not just for what we do, but why that matters to them and what it allows them to do.”

Flock are proud to have been the marketing transformation consultancy to enable this partnership. If you are interested in what Flock can do for you please contact us here. 


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