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Flock Marketing Integration Workshops can have different purposes, but all drive alignment and integration:

  1. You can use our workshops to kick-off a new campaign; to co-create a Big Idea, to get your internal teams and agencies to align behind one strategy, one channel plan, and decide who does what.
  2. You may choose to use a workshop to help your businesses develop new integrated processes and strategies that drive marketing effectiveness and efficiencies, to i.e. save time or money, or both.
  3.  Or, you can use Flock workshops to get your teams together to define or redefine a business’ core proposition.

Our workshops are always bespoke to your needs and have proven to be highly effective.

We use techniques from business, theatre, and even the military, that are very useful at gathering lots of different points of view and synthesising them into key themes, and topics. We make our workshops easy, interactive and entertaining, but clearly focused on the task to accomplish, and we always make sure that we create a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels free to speak openly.

Below are specific examples of workshops that we have recently run:

  1.  Through a workshop, Flock facilitated the repositioning of a global entertainment business Flock facilitated a Strategy Workshop for 12 senior stakeholders to define the new business objectives and help develop a complete sales proposition review.
  2.  At the start of a Diageo global campaign Flock convened a Strategy Workshop to align senior stakeholders from brands, regions, and agencies around:
    • Overall strategy and programme objectives
    • Ways of working (process, stakeholder management etc)
    • Client roles and responsibilities
    • Core “organising idea”
    • Global channel plan with tactics by channel
    • Measurement & Evaluation KPIs
  3. For a global FMCG company Flock held a workshop for with global marketers, procurement professionals, and agency staff to deliver:
    • Revised agency management principles and measurement
    • New copy development process (with new and improved briefing, approval, research, and production systems)
    • Implications for remuneration
  4. Flock held a Content Strategy workshop for Dixons Retail for nine different departments that looked at
    • The barriers to integration and the solutions
    • Customer journey
    • Channel Planning
    • Using the outputs of the workshop Flock developed a Content Marketing Strategy for Dixons

Below are comments that our workshops have generated (you will notice that, apparently we do good “sweets”!)

  • Very impressed by how you managed to focus everyone’s minds, and the strategies that came from it. Brilliant.
  • All the right people together to brainstorm something that is V Good. Good sweets, thank you J
  • Large group but kept on plan and on subject. Good direction, and some clear takeouts.
  • Good pre-read and agenda, well managed to keep control and engagement across diverse audience. Good sweets.
  • Well organised, to time, trends were interesting. Nice people!
  • Engagement of a very large group of people to organised outcome.
  • I liked the pre-read stuff – helped context the session. Well facilitated. The tuning of disparate ideas into a concise proposition, kept things moving whilst allowing time for thought.
  • Stripping back to basic ideas upon which to focus + build our strategy. Group discussion, sharing of ideas, learning.
  • Wiki wall process is great. Ability to deliver a strategic path. Timing. I liked it. More of this.
  • Simon was a fantastic facilitator keeping everyone on track/to point. Break out sessions were well timed an excellent dives on strategy etc.

We hope this gives you an idea of what type of facilitation we can provide. To discuss how we can help you solve a particular problem, or improve existing ways of working, contact us here.

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