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Simon Francis

Flock attended the Procurecon conference in San Diego, California on 12-14th November.

Over 300 attendees were discussing the now, and the future of marketing procurement.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  1. Redefining marketing procurement

Many of the more forward thinking attendees were interested in repositioning marketing procurement to “commercial marketing” or “marketing transformation” or “marketing enablement”.

To facilitate this, they accepted they needed to transform their skills, redefine their remit, and redefine their scope and span of control.

  1. Take control of insourcing/in housing/outsourcing/offshoring

New models and hybrids are emerging every day. We’ve written before about the in-housing trend and we’ve numerous case histories of good work. Smart marketing procurement people need to lead the debate and provide the deep and wide analysis of options, benefits, risks, dependencies and enablers for these models.

  1. Content Production Conundrum

Every advertiser needs more, better content, for the same budget, or less. Marketing procurement will need to help drive strategy, integration, execution and implementation. They’ll need the tech to do it. Developing an integrated production platform for their marketing stakeholders is a high priority.

  1. Martech & Data

Marketing procurement need to have the skills and span of control to start and end conversations with vendors and internal stakeholders about Martech and Data. They’ll need to redefine categories, scopes, contracts and payment schemes to enable the benefits that Martech and data bring to modern marketing.

Whilst there was lots of other interesting chat about transparency, working with the walled gardens, and agency liability, these 4 topics dominated the conversation.

All of these are built right into the heart of the oversubscribed seminar we ran on Agency Ecosystems.

If you’d like a copy of our presentation, please contact us at

Flock found it interesting to see the different topics of interest from the European Procurecon event and enjoyed the lively debate and interaction with the best marketing procurement teams in North America.

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