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150 Brands

At Flock, we love the CBS Outdoor ‘150 brands for 150 years’ campaign – not only as there is a competition in the Flock office to see who can identify the most brands and straplines, but it is another great example of a truly engaging, integrated campaign.

150 Brands Straplines

If you have not seen the posters on your travels around London, there are 2 different creative executions in Underground stations. One depicts 75 brands with abstract product shots and the other has 75 straplines, all you need to do is to go to the website and name the brands.  Every 50 correct answers will enter you into a draw to win free travel, (and given the price of The London Underground, this is definitely worth winning).

The website and posters though are just the start of the campaign, the really clever bit is that when you get stuck (and even Simon the self-confessed brand expert struggled with a few) you are offered the chance to get tips and swap answers with other players via Facebook and Twitter.

It is a simple idea that has been brilliantly executed, but, as with most things that appear straight forward, you can be sure that delivering this level of integration is far from easy and that a highly effective ecosystem made this happen. So, if you are looking to produce ideas that can spark conversation and debate, whilst demonstrating the benefits of your brand and need some help engineering your own agency ecosystem, get in touch with us at Flock here.

And, if you are having an afternoon lull – take a look at  and any thoughts on 5, 66 and 142 will be really gratefully received.

150 Brands Social Media
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