Integrating the Oldest of Media in New Ways


All the coverage of the recently released  John Lewis Christmas TV campaign (in the United Kingdom), got everyone in the Flock office thinking of what other media can drive the talkability and social buzz that the spate of recent big Christmas TV campaigns have.  The first thing that sprung to mind was outdoor and within a few minutes we had some brilliant examples of when outdoor has gone international and reached out via social and other media.

So here are a few of the best that we remembered:

Contagion – a real living billboard! that evolved over a few weeks, stopped passers- by in their tracks and the making of video has clocked up over well over 500K views on YouTube.

BMW Mini – A great showcase of how smart use of digital banners is engaging, rewards customers, really delivers against a brand strategy and delivers a great reach socially too.

Nike – the park bench, not just re-enforcing the brand values but encouraging people to live the brand values. Globally recognised

We also love Jay Z, Bing and De-coded, TFL 100 and others that we have featured as videos on our Integrated Case History Channel

Looking at all these great cases, they have quite a lot in common.  Behind a clever creative execution is a simple core strategic thought that has been delivered in an impactful, engaging and memorable way.  So memorable in fact they get talked about and shared and held up as examples of ‘how to do outdoor well’.

By ultimately driving the conversation into press and social channels they’re not just doing outdoor well, they start to become bigger than this; to become social currency. The campaign extensions give the poster reach far beyond the impressions that you would get from just buying the site itself.

Some may think that this is really just a case of PR’ ing a good idea… but to really guarantee that your idea will stretch takes planning, thought and an integrated approach.  Nike’s bench didn’t go global without them and their agencies working hard behind the scenes to make it famous.  Just imagine if this would have even happened if their marketing team worked in silos or if their agencies didn’t work collaboratively and in an integrated manner.

As with all other media and all other great, stand out, marketing,  the possibility of it really engaging consumers and living beyond the original paid for media  schedule is made more real if the team behind it work in an integrated way.

So, if you are interested in increasing the chances that your idea could live beyond the campaign drop us a line or pop into the office for a chat.


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