July Flockology: Are you up to date on the latest marketing trends?


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Start spreading the news…
New York, here we come! We’re proud to announce that we’ll be opening up an office in the Big Apple. More details on this move, and where to find us on our blog here

Find us in San Diego!
Flock USA CEO, Maarten Albarda, will be attending the ANA Digital Conference in San Diego from 12 – 14 July, and he would be delighted to see you there! To get in touch,click here

Amazon’s march to a trillion
Amazon has acquired Whole Foods, and it has been considered the deal of the year. What does this mean for Amazon? And what does it mean for other retailers? See the considerations of this acquisition at L2 Inc. here

“The way to work and discuss with an agency is very open and transparent”
Our client, Senior Director of Global Marketing and Sales Procurement at Mondelez Paul Smith, spoke at Procurecon on the trust that procurement needs to give marketing departments. See more of what he and others had to say on this topic here
Our time at Procurecon
Flock participated in Procurecon Europe this past month in London, facilitating a working session on advanced marketing contracts. Check out our takeaways from the entire event here

Cannes has finished, and we’ve got our favourite picks below! See the full list of winners here

 Do You Mean MailChimp? | MailChimp
MailChimp’s first major marketing campaign, ‘Do You Mean MailChimp?’ uses their values of creativity and uniqueness to create a spiral of play-on-words in as many fun ways as possible. Check out the video for yourself!

Innovative Saving | always tries to create innovative ways for their customers to save. They’ve tried to take that stance in their latest campaign as well, demonstrating every way in which they could. See the video for the campaign details.

What do marketers want?
The Festival of Media was hosted in Rome this year, in which Flock participated in the main stage discussions. See our takeaways on what marketers truly want in our blog here.

Overcoming obstacles of company culture change
President and CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, discusses company culture and the difficulties of change. She highlights the key focus areas, and identifies the top ways for a successful transition.
Improving your company’s culture
Your company’s culture and confidence are two of the most important factors of your business. We’re talking why and how to successfully improve these on our blog here.

Is your tech stack organised?

Arranging and maintaining your marketing tech stack can feel like an obstacle – a 2017 survey by CMO Council and Redpoint Global revealed that only 3% of businesses feel their tools are fully connected. So how to overcome this? Techcrunch is giving top tips on keeping your technology aligned for success here
Are you set up for success?
We’ve helped many clients, like eBay, specify and organise their tech stack. See our part in this project, and the success that eBay found here.

We are looking for a Freelance Media Consultant at our Flock London offices. For job descriptions and more information on the application process, head to our careers page here

We hope you’ve been able to gain some new insight from these articles. If you’d like to share any of your thoughts and opinions on these insights, or what else is going on in the world – get in touch with us here or use #Flockology @FlockAssociates – we’d love to hear your views.

In the meantime, you can read more about our services here, or our most recent work here.

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