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Welcome to the our March edition of Flockology, where we’re bringing you the hottest stories and must-reads from the past month. If you’d like to chat about these stories further, or share additional insights, please do get in touch.

Friend or Foe – where does Procurement fit in?

Flock CEO Simon Francis was interviewed for this great piece with, discussing the challenges around procurement marketeers have been facing over the last few years. See the article here.

How does your customer journey match up to your audience?

We’re looking at the greatest ways to maximise your customer journey for ultimate success. Take a look at Gartner’s top ten list of simple truths about customer experience – find their list here.

One of the most misunderstood areas of a successful customer journey is within mobile. took a closer look at this, providing ways to ensure you’re set up to win. See their thoughts here.


What is your customer experience strategy?
Flock have extensive experience in defining an integrated strategy around customer journey, with proven success. Check out a recent project we did, generating £250K in cost savings. See how Flock has helped others, and how we can help you.

The fight for 100% viewability continues
P&G announced the steps they’ll be taking to provide greater transparency in their work with their agencies. Recently, Unilever has stepped up to join them, fueling the momentum of the call for transparency even further. See the details here.


How will this impact the industry?

Flock USA CEO, Maarten Albarda, is giving his thoughts on the recent calls to action for transparency, and what agencies can do to address these issues. See Maarten’s thoughts here.

Figuring out how to do marketing before doing the actual job of marketing
Running a pitch is already a major process to go through. But are marketing departments looking at what needs to happen before the RFP is even issued? We’re looking at what needs to happen from the start, to make sure you’re process is completely aligned. See our advice here


Are you all set to go to pitch?

We’re looking at our past pitches that we’ve helped run, and what advice we can offer to ensure you’re set up for success. See our top ten pitch tips here.

 What do the next four years of Marketing look like?

With drones, smart watches, and the developments of artificial intelligence now in action, we’re asking ‘what’s next?’ Give us your thoughts here on what the future holds for the industry, and you will be entered to win £250 in vouchers! 


Transparency, challenge or opportunity
Maarten led a great panel discussion around on the challenges around transparency at the Omma in Atlanta. See the talk here.

Client watch!

This month we have seen some great content from our clients hit the industry. A few of our favourites below…

McDonald’s ‘Intern’ McCafe TV Ad
Watch this great advert from McDonald’s, and witness the money saving madness of McCafe coffee!

Next Stop: Good Morning with Belvita 
Belvita are well aware of how painful mornings can be, so they have brought us a ‘good morning’ with their new improved morning snack


Flock’s summer internship applications are now open
We’re looking for passionate and motivated people who are interested in a 4-6 week work experience at Flock, where you’ll get hands-on experience with Flock’s marketing team, as well as our projects and clients.

We hope you’ve been able to gain some new insight from these articles. If you’d like to share any of your thoughts and opinions on these insights, or what else is going on in the world – get in touch with us here or use #Flockology @FlockAssociates – we’d love to hear your views.

In the meantime, you can see more about our services here, or our most recent work here

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