So Why Is Marketing Operations Getting More Traction?


Florian Voigt

The simple answer? Marketing has just become more complicated.

In the past, it may have been enough to produce a TV commercial and maybe some shiny print ads. Your consumers as well, were quite easy to track down. And without the variety of new digital and social channels, your media planning was rather simple compared to today.

You may have proudly worked out your new Vine strategy in previous days. But after four short years, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  In this rapid and ever-changing environment, what could be next? Recent news is that Snapchat is losing traction, and that the share price has hit a new low – could this be the next platform to take the hit?

So how can you stay on top? Your marketing team needs to keep up on all available and new media channels, touchpoints, adapt to changing consumer journeys in multiple markets and regions. They need to know about a huge number of platforms, tools, applications, systems, research methodologies – and the list goes on…

With this hefty list that needs to be the latest and greatest, it’s no wonder that changes in the industry are not often well-managed, and in some instances, lead to organic growth of multiple suppliers and similar technology contracts signed off by different departments.

We believe that it’s never too late to start your transformation journey into the new age of what we call, ‘how’ marketing, with a late summer clean-up.

Time to clean-up:

Having effective marketing operations is not only key to running successful campaigns and always-on marketing, but it also has the power to transform your results. Flock helps to design: best practice structures; processes; tech-stack reviews; strategic planning tools; benchmarks; KPIs; measurement and evaluation systems, to ensure your long-term marketing strategies are delivering success. For more information, check out our views with our blog, ‘The Power of One,’ which is the simplification of marketing operations to a set of common processes, KPIs, technologies, and so on. And for more details on how Flock can help you, please do get in touch

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