Marketing with a message to transform prejudice – Coke’s Ramadan Campaign.


Flock Associates Coca Cola Ramadan

Coke has done a very timely and brilliantly thought-provoking campaign for Ramadan to stop us from judging people based on appearances and beliefs. The message is that ‘labels are for cans, not for people’.

You can see the video here.

We have seen this kind of message marketing before from brands such as Dove with its Real Beauty Sketches, and we have even seen a very similar ‘label-free’ campaign before from the Ad Council. Remember the campaign with people hugging and kissing behind an x-ray screen? The only thing the viewers could see were their skeletons moving, then when the couples appeared from behind the screen, it was clear that the couples were either homosexual, from different ethnicity, or different religions etc. The powerful message was that love has no label.

At Flock we are all for the transformation of marketing, perceptions, processes, beliefs, structures, status quo, etc. But although Coke conveys a brilliant message here, it feels a little ‘seen it before’ to us. Also, if this video’s aim is to be inclusive and free of prejudice, why are there no women around this table?

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