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Welcome to the November edition of Flockology, where we’re bringing you the hottest stories and must-reads from the past month. If you’d like to chat about these stories further, or share additional insights, please do get in touch


For the first time, Snapchat is no longer the favourite

With the new feature of Instagram Stories, millennials are turning to this app over Snapchat. This change was recently discussed at L2’s Consumer Behaviour Clinic – see more of the discussion here


How to maximise savings in the Automotive Industry

Almost 10% of the world’s marketing is spent in the Automotive Industry. So how can you ensure you are driving sales and saving money? Check out our automotive insights here


Omnicom has launched their agency for McDonald’s U.S. business

Omnicom has revealed their new agency, We Are Unlimited, who will be dedicated to the McDonald’s U.S. creative business. Click here to read on for staff details and their new business model, The Cortex.


Flock’s involvement in the McDonald’s U.S. pitch

We are proud to be the consultancy assisting in this revolutionary pitch for McDonald’s business. More on how we helped this process here


‘Thanks 2016, it’s been weird.’

Spotify are bidding farewell to 2016 by launching their largest-ever global campaign, driven by their own data. Seth Farbman, Spotify CMO, explains how data has been at the heart of their marketing – read his thoughts at Creativity Online here


Corporate survival. How can you survive?

80% of companies that existed before 1980 are no longer around, and another 17% will be gone in the next 5 years. Harvard Business Review looked into corporate longevity, and how you can keep your business alive. See their research here


Media Buyers, Dodos, and Predictions

Is the death of the traditional media buyer near? Flock USA CEO, Maarten Albarda, revisits his predictions from 2013 on the subject, and his foresight into the future. Check out his thoughts here


What’s next for Tech and Media?

Recently, at the Wall Street Journal Global Tech Conference, the new trends and innovations of technology were discussed. Click here to see the slideshow presentation, highlighting what’s next for this fast-changing environment.


Are you taking advantage of the digital world?

Flock has the experience of driving digital transformation on a global level – we are currently working with clients like McDonald’s and Ebay on these initiatives. See what we can do for you here

‘We taste sweeter together,’ Ben & Jerry’s | One Sweet World

With the release of their new flavour, One Sweet World, Ben and Jerry’s are promoting their belief that ‘communities, just like ice cream, come in all flavours.’ We think this ad has come at a perfect time, and reminds us to come together and promote unity and love.


We are HIRING!

Are you looking for a fun and challenging work environment? We are looking for a Marketing Procurement Consultant and a Marketing Transformation Executive for our London office. See these jobs and others on our Careers page here

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