Procurement Breakfast Headlines May 2016


Marketing Procurement Futures – Breakfast With Flock

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In May, Flock hosted a breakfast with Senior Procurement Directors and leaders from retail, financial services, fashion and telecommunications. We discussed some of the most important Marketing Procurement Topics.

We are hosting another Marketing Procurement Futures Breakfast on September 20th and would love to see you there. Please get in touch by emailing to enquire about availability.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss will be:

  • Marketing Procurement’s role in driving change in marketing processes, adoption of technologies, and in changes to structure. Some background reading can be found below:
  1. Marketing Process Case History
  2. Building a Global Marketing Ecosystem
  3. A Guide to the pitfalls of marketing technology
  4. A Whole New Marketing Ecosystem
  • Holding company deals: Should you, shouldn’t you, what works, what doesn’t? As you may know we have just completed the “Pitch of The Year” in the USA successfully concluding McDonald’s Review. We are also helping two other clients review holding company arrangements. Some reading below:
  1. Flock’s View on WPP’s ‘Horizontality’
  • Remuneration models: Different remuneration models, PRFs and how to manage them without becoming too labour intensive, do malus clauses work, feedback mechanics, reviews and frequency.
  • Media Transparency: What works, what doesn’t, what are the benefits/risks of changing yoru contracts/audits with your media agency? We are currently leading this process with a $1.4billion client, but what does it mean for you?
  1. See Flock’s Procurement Work with McDonald’s
  • PR/Social Media/Customer services merging – what is the best structure?

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