Flock’s 5th Anniversary and Launch of 18 New Services


Five years ago, on the 17th January, we put up the Flock website, sent some mails, and nervously opened Flock Associates – The Marketing Transformation Company.

We felt that Marketing was changing so rapidly that Marketers needed a specialist company to help them change their Marketing Strategy, Capabilities, Operations (Data, Technology and Processes), and Procurement.

Five years on there are nearly 40 Flockers working globally for companies like:


To celebrate 5 incredible years, Flock are delighted to announce eighteen new services that are designed to help marketers transform their marketing outcomes.

We offer four core disciplines: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Capabilities, Marketing Operations, Marketing Procurement, each of these disciplines now has multiple services.

We have created these services in consultation with our clients and prospective clients, many of whom said they wanted to buy a distinct part of the Flock offering and wanted more details on it. So, as good marketers should, we’ve listened to the needs of our customers and delivered what they want.

The eighteen services are as follows:

Marketing Procurement 

Agency Appraisal

Agency Ecosystem Review

Agency Contract Review

Agency Pitch Management 


 Marketing Strategy 

Strategic Plan

Marketing Development Workshops 

Marketing Customer Experience Strategy 

Audience Assessment 

Marketing Toolkit Development 

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations Review

Marketing Data Review

Marketing Process Design

Marketing Tech Stack


Marketing Capabilities

Marketing Capability Assessment

Flock Marketing Recruitment 

Marketing Culture Change

Marketing Skills Builder

Marketing Organisation Design


These products are built from the work we’ve done over the past four years and are Globally consistent wherever Flock operates.

Do have a look across the services, we’d welcome your questions and feedback, and of course please do let us know if you need help!

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