Allen Singer

Allen uses his decades of experience in operations, specializing in helping large organizations adapt and transform their operations and strategy that span marketing, media agency, creative agency, and publishers.  

Allen’s expertise with numbers and process are a long way from his start as an Art Director.  That road included stints as EVP Director of Operations at Grey Healthcare Group, SVP Director of Operations at Zenith Media, and 4 lead operations roles at three different holding companies.  In industries like pharma, adtech, medical devices, banking, and telecommunications for world class companies and brands, Verizon, Chase, Sonic, Darden, Pfizer, GSK, Integral AdScience.  

Allen explored his deep understanding of the intersection between agencies, brands, and vendors, developing operating models that ease the messiness of the marketing ecosystem while enabling teams to create their magic. He holds credentials like Certified Scrum Master (SCM), Certified Product Owner, and Certified SAFe Agilist 

Allen still carries the curiosity and creativity that launched his agency career as a creative.  From his experiences cycling through Italy, as an exhibited photographer, and through work in South Africa building a Habitat for Humanity home, Allen shows the power of an unconventional thinker.