How To Run a Successful Pitch

Running a smooth pitch process comes with a host of challenges. At Flock, we have run over 100 pitches, across all disciplines and regions, big and small, and always with the most important goal in mind – bringing together what belongs together.   Over time, we have carried out pitches for our clients that include Ford,…

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Flock Agency Scoping Tool Updates

Flock is delighted to announce the latest update to our Agency Scoping Tool. The Flock Scoping Tool is used to: Help clients manage their scopes of work and fees with their agencies Manage the commercial aspects of pitch processes Benchmark agency fees using over $1.1billion of live negotiated fees This update is the result of…

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Reviewing Your Agency Fees in 2022

reviewing your agency fees flock

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Agency Fees account for a significant amount of the marketing budget within organisations. It is no surprise then that key marketing stakeholders such as procurement and finance want to know that their fees are good value and transparent.  To support our clients Flock created the Flock Agency Scoping Tool.…

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The Importance of Authentic Representation

Evolution of Representation

As we begin to celebrate US Black History Month and LGBT history month, now is a perfect time to reflect upon and reiterate the vital topics of conversation we started in our guides on authentic representation.   In recent years there has been a firm shift to understand the importance of representing marginalised groups, whether that’s…

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Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Agency for You

flock influencer marketing

Promoting your business is becoming more challenging by the day. As a result, typical advertising strategies are ineffective. One thing is undeniable, to advertise your brand, you must think beyond the box. One of the most effective strategies to contact your target audience and achieve greater visibility is through influencer marketing. This series will cover…

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Advice for Growing Businesses this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate gratitude and focus on the good that we have in our lives. A time to take a moment from the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and reflect. We are so thankful for our Flock family, amazing clients, our continued business and the list goes on.   Looking back to when we started eight years ago, we were the small kids on the block, or if you asked…

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Black History Month: A Flock Summary

Black History Month Flock

This Black History Month at Flock we wanted to join in with the theme of a “Festival of Celebration” and shine a light on the achievements of past and present influential black people within the community. Whilst we wanted to keep a positive stance for the month, we also wanted to highlight struggles still experienced…

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The Five Hottest Trends In Creative Operations

Creative Operations is an area that is transforming at “Warp Speed”. The need for advertisers (and hence their agencies) to provide more content, faster, to more channels, in more formats, at a lower price has accelerated at a crazy pace. The “new normal” of Covid-19 and the new ways of working it has brought about,…

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Sustainability In Marketing: The Framework

Sustainability in Marketing

Flock were delighted to recently release our Marketing Sustainability Whitepaper, “The Sustainable Marketer”. After careful research the paper includes three important frameworks to help marketing organisztions build a Marketing Sustainability Strategy and provides examples, useful resources and case studies from our partners at WARC It’s a must-read for any modern marketer! Download “The Sustainable Marketer” below: As…

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How Marketing Can Have A Sustainable Impact On Society

Flock were delighted to recently release our Marketing Sustainability whitepaper, “The Sustainable Marketer”. The paper includes a framework to help marketing organizations build a Marketing Sustainability Strategy, with useful resources, best practices as well as case studies from our partners at WARC. The framework is based on 3 simple principles: SEE, ACT, MEASURE. S.E.E stands for Society,…

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