7 Signs Your Organization is Working in Silos

Spotify, JPMorgan, Sonos, Meta, Microsoft, Ernst & Young. Those are just some of the companies that are experiencing reorganizations in 2023 due to layoffs. While economic uncertainty seems to be the primary reason for this, the reorganization of company structures proves to be an advantageous opportunity to accommodate one of the biggest challenges in the…

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The Importance of Nurturing Company Culture

Workplace culture has been defined as “the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share” and has long been a topic of contention between organisations and their employees. What the leaders of an organisation might think constitutes a good and productive workplace culture, isn’t necessarily what the…

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Decoding Marketing Agency Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

It is essential that marketing departments get the most out of their budget as possible and for many brands a large portion of this budget is spent on agency fees. There are a range of marketing agencies that companies can utilise; Production, Digital, Media, PR, CRM, and Social. The benefits of hiring a marketing agency…

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How to Authentically Represent Marginalised Groups

Evolution of Representation

Pride month has arrived with celebrations and parades taking place across the US and UK throughout June/July. This presents the perfect time to discuss the representation of marginalised groups and share our DOs & DON’Ts that brands need to take into consideration when attempting to interact with individuals of their target audiences.  In recent years…

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The Best Remuneration Model for Your Influencer Marketing Agency 

Influencer marketing has been a hot topic in the boom of social media over the last few years. More and more of our projects include this type of work. Continuing with our Flock series on Influencer Marketing, previously we covered tips to consider when Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Agency. Next in the series, we…

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Learn How to Measure Your Authentic Representation

Throughout the month of February, we have been celebrating the LGBT community and Black History in the US, raising awareness for them both. Even though we reach the end of scheduled events, it’s crucial the learning continues beyond the month.  Previously, we touched on the importance of representing marginalised groups and what it means to have…

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Make Noise and Win with Your Influencer Marketing Agency

influencer marketing

Following our first article, Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Agency for You, from our Influencer Marketing series, we outlined the key components to look for in an agency that complements your brand. This series explores the scale and services you should be aware of when assessing potential agency partners to make a meaningful impact within…

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Five Tricks to Integrate Marketing Teams

card shuffling

The art to integrating marketing teams perfectly, can in many ways, be likened to card shuffling. You may ask how so let’s observe the similarities. Before a magician starts a trick or a croupier begins a new game, they will shuffle the deck. One of the most recognised card shuffle is the Overhand Shuffle, where…

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5 Top Tips for Marketing Agency Appraisal Schemes for Incentive Compensation

agency appraisal tips

Marketing Agency Appraisals are often used to drive Agency Incentive Schemes and agency performance-related pay. Although this has been the preferred way of remuneration, many agencies and clients are using antiquated methods of agency appraisal which can present the risk of agencies being disproportionately compensated, either negatively or positively. With millions of dollars at risk…

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How Better Behaviours Can Give You The Advantage​

I think its fair to say everybody has their good and bad days when it comes to the work they do.  Some days everything seems to be going your way – you hit deadlines, the staff are pleased, you win business, you get praise, but on others a day it can suck.  People don’t turn up to a meeting, you don’t get…

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