Platinum Jubilee: A CMO Perspective

On 6th February 2022, Her Majesty the Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, set to take place over a special four-day bank holiday weekend, will mark a major milestone in the reign of the Queen, celebrating her life and service. Now, if we flip this on…

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Flock Agency Scoping Tool Updates

Flock is delighted to announce the latest update to our Agency Scoping Tool. The Flock Scoping Tool is used to: Help clients manage their scopes of work and fees with their agencies Manage the commercial aspects of pitch processes Benchmark agency fees using over $1.1billion of live negotiated fees This update is the result of…

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Make Noise and Win with Your Influencer Marketing Agency

influencer marketing

Following our first article, Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Agency for You, from our Influencer Marketing series, we outlined the key components to look for in an agency that complements your brand. This series explores the scale and services you should be aware of when assessing potential agency partners to make a meaningful impact within…

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Reviewing Your Agency Fees in 2022

reviewing your agency fees flock

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Agency Fees account for a significant amount of the marketing budget within organisations. It is no surprise then that key marketing stakeholders such as procurement and finance want to know that their fees are good value and transparent.  To support our clients Flock created the Flock Agency Scoping Tool.…

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Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Agency for You

flock influencer marketing

Promoting your business is becoming more challenging by the day. As a result, typical advertising strategies are ineffective. One thing is undeniable, to advertise your brand, you must think beyond the box. One of the most effective strategies to contact your target audience and achieve greater visibility is through influencer marketing. This series will cover…

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5 Top Tips for Marketing Agency Appraisal Schemes for Incentive Compensation

agency appraisal tips

Marketing Agency Appraisals are often used to drive Agency Incentive Schemes and agency performance-related pay. Although this has been the preferred way of remuneration, many agencies and clients are using antiquated methods of agency appraisal which can present the risk of agencies being disproportionately compensated, either negatively or positively. With millions of dollars at risk…

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Who Are The Best Agency Search Consultants?

There are many people and firms in the market claiming to be “Agency Search Consultants” or “Pitch Consultants”; experts who can help an advertiser find the best agency for their needs, and run a review that tests the agencies abilities, reducing risk for the advertiser.  The options vary from a one-(wo)man-band to global consultancies armed…

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Agency Fee Benchmarking: Top Tips

Pretty much all marketing and marketing procurement teams have questions about their agencies’ fees: “Am I paying my agencies the right amount?” “Is there any efficiency to be found in my agency fees?” “How do I validate my agency fees as being good value?” “Are my agency fees truly transparent?” And, without using some sort…

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Becoming a Sustainable Marketing Company

At Flock we are committed to positive change not only for our clients, but also for the Industry and the wider world. After doing a lot of research on what a Sustainable Marketeer looks like, we recently released our findings in a whitepaper, which can be downloaded below. We want to try our best to…

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What Is The Agency Model Of The Future?

What are the best agency models, the best creative agency model, the best media agency model? What are the pros and cons of different agency models? What is the Agency Model of the Future? The best advertisers are constantly asking these questions of themselves, their agencies, and of course Flock. At Flock we often help…

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