Black History Month at Flock

We have come to the end Black History Month, a time to celebrate black excellence and remember the struggles that the community have faced.  Last year at Flock we spent the month focusing on cognitive bias and looking at ways we can be reflective and accountable when it comes to the bias that we all possess. When celebrating…

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How to Authentically Represent Marginalised Groups

Evolution of Representation

Pride month has arrived with celebrations and parades taking place across the US and UK throughout June/July. This presents the perfect time to discuss the representation of marginalised groups and share our DOs & DON’Ts that brands need to take into consideration when attempting to interact with individuals of their target audiences.  In recent years…

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Platinum Jubilee: A CMO Perspective

On 6th February 2022, Her Majesty the Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, set to take place over a special four-day bank holiday weekend, will mark a major milestone in the reign of the Queen, celebrating her life and service. Now, if we flip this on…

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Five Tricks to Integrate Marketing Teams

card shuffling

The art to integrating marketing teams perfectly, can in many ways, be likened to card shuffling. You may ask how so let’s observe the similarities. Before a magician starts a trick or a croupier begins a new game, they will shuffle the deck. One of the most recognised card shuffle is the Overhand Shuffle, where…

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5 Top Tips for Marketing Agency Appraisal Schemes for Incentive Compensation

agency appraisal tips

Marketing Agency Appraisals are often used to drive Agency Incentive Schemes and agency performance-related pay. Although this has been the preferred way of remuneration, many agencies and clients are using antiquated methods of agency appraisal which can present the risk of agencies being disproportionately compensated, either negatively or positively. With millions of dollars at risk…

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Client Agency Relationships: Sharing Is Caring

Often when building an initial client-agency relationship, best practise processes and operational models are put it place, however, as the partnership grows, people change, new markets/disciplines are added, new strategic priorities are put in place, and clients have to ensure that the operational side of the relationship keeps up. But how do you know if…

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Client-Agency Relationships: People at Heart

People are, and always will be, at the heart of every relationship, particularly between a client and their agencies. It is people who bring the drive, passion, talent and ‘human connection’ to an organisation and, therefore, it is so important that we continue to assess and optimise the way we all work together. Our Flock…

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Client-Agency Relationships: How To Fix Them?

At a time of real change within organisations, where budgets are tight, ways of working have had to adapt and business growth is key, organisations are looking to get more from their money. Reviewing external partners and agencies has risen to the top of ‘to-do’ list with clients wanting to ensure they have an agency…

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What Is The Agency Model Of The Future?

What are the best agency models, the best creative agency model, the best media agency model? What are the pros and cons of different agency models? What is the Agency Model of the Future? The best advertisers are constantly asking these questions of themselves, their agencies, and of course Flock. At Flock we often help…

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